Secret Photos For Two

Splip turns a moment into two secret negatives that you and your co-conspirator can only decode when you're geographically close together. Get the App

How It Works

Take a Photo

Splip creates two encrypted 'negatives' of your photo. Your photo can't be seen again until the negatives are combined.

Send to a Friend

Through Splip, send one of the two negatives over email to a friend. The friend can then open the negative in Splip.

View the Photo when You're Together

When you're geographically close to one another (same Wifi network or Bluetooth range), both users open Splip. One user selects the negative he wants to combine and the user's device he wants to combine with. The other user is asked for permission. When permission is granted the other user's negative is sent over the air and the negatives are combined to recreate the original photo.




  1. How secure is a single negative?
  2. Very secure. With a single negative, the original photo cannot be recreated. It's as simple as that.
  3. How secure is Splip more generally?
  4. Splip combines both negatives to recreate the original photo, so if a user were to obtain both negatives outside of Splip it would be possible to recreate the photo. When sending a negative by email, be cognizant of the fact that the second negative is often saved in a "Sent Mail" folder. Therefore the original creator of a Splip will probably have access to both negatives.
  5. Is it safe to send negatives by email?
  6. Yes, even though email may not be secure, an original photo cannot be recreated with a single negative.
  7. Is there an Android, Windows, or Mac version?
  8. No, but Splip just launched! There certainly may be in the future.
  9. How far away can we be when connecting to one another through Splip?
  10. You must be on the same Wifi network or within Bluetooth range. Bluetooth range is generally about 30 feet.
  11. Why can't we see one another's device in Splip?
  12. Make sure you're on the same Wifi network. If you're trying to connect through Bluetooth, make sure both of you have Bluetooth turned on in Settings.
  13. Can I send a negative to more than one person?
  14. Yes, but only you will have the other negative. You can connect with each of them (or each of them with you) to recreate the image, but they will not be able to connect with each other.
  15. Can the person I send a negative to forward it to someone else?
  16. Yes, but that other person will not be able to recreate the original photo without connecting with you since you hold the only copy of the other negative.
  17. Are my photos/negatives transmitted to a server?
  18. No, they stay on your device and the encrypted negative only goes to whomever you share it with by email. There's no cloud, no server, and no online accounts to be hacked.

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