Text Board

The ultimate snippet manager for Mac and iPad.

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Manage snippets in an intuitive spatial interface.

Use our powerful threading feature to quickly combine snippets together.

Make repetitive but partially customized tasks like support emails a cinch.


Spatial Layout

Organize your snippets in a way that makes sense for your brain.

Intuitive Tagging

Use color-coding and labels to make your snippets easier to find for both yourself and the search bar.

Integrated with your OS

Utilize drag & drop, copy & paste, and the share sheet just as you are used to.

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Combine Snippets

The powerful threading feature allows you to easily merge snippets together on the fly.

Snippet Auto-replace

Placeholders in snippets can be automatically replaced with appropriate text when threading.

Synced by iCloud

Sync cloud boards across all Macs and iPads that are logged-in to your Apple account.

Use Cases

Customer Service

Utilize snippets and thread mode to easily and quickly produce & personalize common support emails.


Keep your code snippets organized! Just drag and drop them into your code editor.

Organize Your Writing

Use Text Board’s spatial lens to order and reorder the different pieces of your writing.

Grading and Evaluation

Grading requires consistent language and penalties for fairness across students. Text Board makes grading fast.

Common Emails

Do you have a job that finds you repeatedly sending very similar emails? Text Board is for you.

And Many More...

Any activity that requires creating repeated similar but slightly different texts is perfect for Text Board. 



  • 3 Board Limit

  • 15 Snippets per Board Limit


  • Unlimited Boards

  • Unlimited Snippets


Is there an iPhone/Android/Windows version?

Not at this time. There are only versions for the Mac and iPad.

Can I transfer boards between machines?

Macs or iPads signed into the same iCloud account automatically share cloud boards. Boards can also be exported and imported to be shared across an entire organization. Suppose everyone in customer service needs the same board for writing email responses. One copy can be exported, emailed to all employees, and then imported by each employee into Text Board.

What apps does Text Board work with?

Text Board utilizes standard iOS and macOS paradigms like the clipboard, drag & drop, and share sheets to work with any other app. For instance, you use thread mode to quickly combine multiple snippets together and then have the result inserted onto the clipboard, ready to be pasted into any app. Or you can drag snippets directly from Text Board onto any app that supports text drops (most text fields do). And you can use the share sheet to provide a snippet to any app that has a share extension.

How can I backup my snippets?

Text Board can export a board, including all of its snippets, to a human and machine readable JSON format.


Get Text Board for free on the App Store.

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Requires macOS 14
Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US UK_RGB_blk_092917
Requires iPadOS 17.2